Sixteen Weeks


3 Responses to “Sixteen Weeks”

  1. 1 Ramesh

    Yes my BUDDHUBABU definitely looks grown up with very expressive smile! !
    He has less of his luxuriant hair on his scalp but noything to worry as it will re-appear soon.

    Waiting for 14-09-2007 night when he arrives in India so that we all will be able to see him and Vivaan and hold them both in our arms !!

  2. 2 tarun

    wow! amazing snaps…was sooo looking forward to seeing raahil’s snaps…he’s looking so cute and papa is right…his smile is very expressive…cant wait to come to evansville on 30th…

  3. 3 Sonali Mehta

    Mithu!!! Baby, I luv u’re smile…. Dying to experience the riot of fun when the 2 monkeys arrive…. Cutie pie’s… Now waiting for Vivaans snaps too…

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