Happy Birthday Raahil

Raahil was having a blast while we prepared for the party. We surprised him here with an impromptu Happy Birthday song.

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  1. 1 avinash

    Wishing a Very Happy First Birthday to Raahil. He seems to be really having fun, so do Prash and Rupali (singing the birthday song) and Aunty.

    – Rashmi, Devanshi & Avinash

  2. 2 Prashant

    i really want to come and give a biggggggg hug and a kissy to dear raahil babu
    anyways lotssss of loveeeeeeeeeee to raahil

  3. 3 tarun

    happy bday to my raahil baba…miss him tons!

  4. 4 Ramesh

    Raahil enjoys his birthday and we rejoice !
    Many Many Happy Returns to Buddhubabu.

  5. 5 Sonali Mehta

    My Sweetie Pie is dancing to the beat of his happy bday song so well… music seems to be in his blood… 🙂 HAPPY 1ST BDAY JAAN!!! Ishu Bhaiyya and Jaimin Maasa also join me in wishing you all the very best in life…!!

  6. 6 shikha

    Happy Birthday Golu!!!!! Looking forward to seeing u soon…

  7. 7 Prashant

    Thanks everyone!

    We had a lot of fun but missed having you all around. I hope that this is the last time I have this regret.

  8. 8 Sonali Mehta

    I hope so tooo… NO MORE BDAYS WITOUT FAMILY…..!!! 🙂

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