Eventful Montreal

The first day of our last vacation in the US started early with a 3:30am alarm. With about 4 hours of sleep we headed out on time and as planned to catch the flight to Montreal via Cincinnati. It is amazing when flights are all on time and this time around we were lucky. The two hour layover at Cincy was all we could ask for – Raahil thoroughly enjoyed the open airport and even found a few friends to play with.

Both legs of the flights were comfortable. Raahil seemed to do well and slept through a big chunk of both. We got into Montreal and breezed through immigration but ran into a hiccup with the car rental. But it all sorted out itself pretty well. We now have a minivan instead of a Toyota Corolla and that is working out well with all our luggage. Raahil is enjoying his own seat at the back and his huge window too.

Montreal is an old city but seems to have plenty of character. The row houses in the suburbs are surely unique, something we hadn’t seen before. After a quick Subway stopover, we caught up on some sleep and were back on the road headed to downtown Montreal. The Quality Inn hotel reception gave us some excellent tips on the few places that are must-sees for a one day visit to Montreal. We were a little late getting into downtown and the abrupt rain cut short our walk on Rue St-Urbain, but it certainly was an experience. Several sex shops interspersed with family restaurants were an interesting surprise for all of us. Mummy was intrigued – I’ll leave it at that.

We have a long drive tomorrow to Toronto via the 1000 Islands scenic route. Look out for more updates as we work our way through this 13 day road trip.

A big shout out to Rupali for planning such an awesome trip. The travel agent of our family has come through once more!

5 Responses to “Eventful Montreal”

  1. 1 tarun

    Wow! 13 day trip…I really envy u! I’m glad u’ll could take a long road trip once more…mom will really enjoy this…

  2. 2 Sonali Mehta

    Man u guys are really gonna have a rocking trip i’m sure…!! Now the whole family must do a trip soon… with FULL QUORUM this time…

  3. 3 Ramesh

    Do have a safe and wonderful holiday! Love to raahil and you all

  4. 4 Prashant

    @tarun, @papa yeah it should be fun; hopefully Raahil will continue enjoying himself.

    @soni absolutely! Can’t wait to get back and travel with the whole family.

  5. 5 sujata

    Have a good and pleasant trip. Drive cautiously, Love to RAAHIL.

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