Halfway Through Our Canada Vacation

The Ocean, our train from Montreal, pulled into Halifax a full hour and a half late this evening. The delay was not a big deal in of itself, but now instead of a minivan tonight we will be renting a full-size tomorrow morning.

We are at about the midpoint of our trip after spending an excellent few days in Toronto. We now have been to the place Thousand Island dressing was invented, the amazing Toronto Zoo and the best Indian buffet in North America. More about all these places soon, but first let me tell you all about our Nova Scotia plans.

Nova Scotia is up near the eastern most part of North America. Those of you who have travelled in the US and Canada will know that they like to describe their tourist spots with superlatives: Highest Paved Road, Most Crooked Road, Oldest Ferry Service etc. Nothing like adding some drama to tour attractions.

Nova Scotia is home to one of those superlatives above and more. Halifax has the Oldest Ferry Service in North America, New Foundland is the Easternmost tip of North America and the Bay of Fundy has the largest tidal system in the world.

As an aside, I have noticed that Canadian superlatives refer to North America while, most US superlatives use either US or America. This might be anecdotal but interesting nevertheless.

So tomorrow we drive up to the Cabot trail, the most scenic drive in Atlantic Canada. We plan to stay in this small town called North Sydney and might even catch the ferry for whale watching if lucky.

Nova Scotia has a good share of warm beaches, despite being so much up North. If we are lucky, Raahil will get to enjoy his first time at beach at Prince Edward Island.

We plan to then wrap up with a couple days of driving around Halifax.

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  1. 1 sujata

    tum logo ka sun kar is trip ko aur miss kar rahi hu
    kishoriji ne to poora north america hi dekh liya
    canada baki tha unka woh bhi ho gaya
    india poora ghoomne se pahle unhone america ghoom liya HE HE HE enjoy to the fullest. ham log photoes dekh kar enjoy kar lenge
    hope raahil jab bara hoga to use is trip ki batein photoes ke sath batana he will enjoy them !!!!!!!!!!!!!MUMMY

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