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Dislikes at One

Five things Raahil dislikes at One:

  • Lying down
  • Enclosed spaces
  • Beetroot
  • Walking in his sandals
  • Sleeping without Mumma at night

Revisiting the Blog

Scrolling through the older entries here has motivated me to update the blog more often. Manna has added a tool to update the blog from Google Talk.

Hope this works!

Happy Father In-Law’s Day!!!

Today July 30 was Father In-Law’s Day. Wishing the Papa’s a great Happy Father In-Law’s Day!!!

Waiting to be back together with everyone soon!

38 down – 2 to go!

Today mummy and I went for my 38 week appointment with Dr. Troyer. Golu’s head has descended real low – still my cervix hasnt quite dilated at all! I expressed some concern – “How come with such a big belly my cervix isnt opening? Will I be delayed?”. Dr. Troyer told me that there is nothing to be worried about. Different women have different experiences. She said that it could happen all at once – dilate 1cm through 10 cm during labor! She was particularly happy that Golu’s head was nice and low – indicating that I would probably go on time.

Well, lets see what happens! The clock is ticking, thats for sure! “Golu baby – you have no idea how many people are waiting for your arrival! 🙂
Be a good boy okay – let mamma get some sleep at nights – now and later!” 😉

New born – So tiny!

We went and saw Jamuna’s daughter, Anagha in the hospital on Saturday evening. Jamuna was induced on her due date – Mar 2 at 7 am. Anagha was out at 3:21 pm! Short labor! Well, this was her second delivery – they say its much easier than the 1st!
When Prashant and I saw Anagha – we were awestruck! She is sooo tiny! I was afraid to pick her up! Kept wondering how I will pick up baby Golu when he arrives! Anagha was actually 6 lbs and 12 oz when she was born. That is considered average for girls – still she looked extremely tiny to me.

Now we cant wait to hold our second nephew in our hands! Vivaan/Anvay is due on Mar 19th. Shikha is doing great in her 9th month. It was so funny when she told me that she had a calf muscle cramp (left leg also) the same night that I did! I think we discuss our pregnancies to the extent that we cramp at the same time! haha. Shikha, are you also getting heart burn – like me?

Baby Golu – kicking away!!

We are in Week 31 now. Just had our doctor’s routine visit on Fri, Mar 2 2007. She said I was doing great. Have put on a total of 16 lbs since pre-pregnancy. Golu is about 3 to 3.5 lbs heavy, according to her (I think she quoted an average weight for a week 31 baby). Overall, everything going good.

I did get a leg cramp on saturday that was quite painful. Was better on Sunday, though. They say these cramps come from reduced blood flow to the extremities at night. Also could be due to calcium deficiency. So drinking milk and have calcium supplements should help.

The best part about this phase is actually seeing Golu twist and turn inside me. Yeah – my belly actually moves according to his moves!! Its hilarious watching him! Of course I can also feel him inside me…but now seeing my belly move is something else!

The not so good part about this week has been the heart-burn. I am suffering from some acidity – will go home and have a cold glass of milk – that should help!

From the mom’s desk…

This is my first official blog entry…ever. Prashant on the other hand is a veteran blogger. He loves to express himself through his blogs. We thought it would be a good idea to capture our experiences in this new journey with this blog. So here goes..I’m going to start at the very beginning. This goes way before my last missed period!!

Preparing the father-to-be

I cant quite remember since when I’ve been mentally ready to take on this journey of parenthood. But I know that it took some conversations and lectures from parents (:)) in convincing Manna that its time to start a family. I think what completely convinced him was our lovely 2 weeks in Singapore with Ishaan. Ishaan’s innocent love, yet naughty playfulness, his intelligence and maturity, made Manna realise what we may be missing out. That clinched the deal!!

Pre-Pregnancy check up

We went and saw Dr Allison Melton at St Mary’s Hospital. We just wanted to get some tests done to ensure that I was healthy enough to get pregnant. All tests were normal and we were ready to roll! Dr Melton did mention that not many people plan their pregnancy like us!! We know we’re special :):):)

I think I’ll take a quick break before i tell you the rest…..more to come later!

First One

We’re starting this blog to capture all the developments in our life that will accompany this addition to our family.

We don’t want to miss a thing!