On a Roll

Raahil rolled over today!

He was playing in his Jungle Gym and pushed himself over. Rupali and mummy saw it happen but I was out shopping…

Can’t wait for him to do it again!

Happy Father In-Law’s Day!!!

Today July 30 was Father In-Law’s Day. Wishing the Papa’s a great Happy Father In-Law’s Day!!!

Waiting to be back together with everyone soon!

Flashback Ishaan

Rupali dug up some old videos of Ishu baba this afternoon. We have had a blast watching them. This sampler has Ishu laughing away at his mommy’s tickles…


Achhooo Strikes Back!

This video is from yesterday too. Enjoy!


Raahil is now 12 weeks old. He loves kicking and smiling. Yesterday, Rupali accidentally sneezed in front on him and he burst out laughing. She couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed it. This morning, I was playing with him and the rest is here for you to enjoy …

Raahil smiles Good Morning!!!

Sneak Peak – Growing Together

Here’s your first sneak preview of “Growing Together” – the movie.

Coming to a screen near you – soon!

Raahil gets a Maalish

Raahil’s First Two Weeks

I had a lot to write about for the first two weeks of Raahil’s life, but don’t pictures speak a thousand words?

Enjoy Raahil’s Mugshots.

When Vivaan met Raahil…

Last weekend, something wonderful happenned. Something I was anxiously waiting for…ever since we got to know (sometime in September 2006) that both Rupali & Shikha are expecting together – To see Vivaan & Raahil together 🙂

It was an awesome feeling! We have many beautiful memories of the preggy ladies together.

And now, seeing the 2 babies “growing together” is just beautiful…